Tuesday, July 8, 2014

I'm going to treat you how I want God to treat me..

Do unto others...as you would have God do unto you!

I had the craziest dream... I was facilitating a workshop on influence and a lady who is definitely not on my favorites list was attending the workshop. Now listen..in real life she would NEVER be purposely caught alive in something I was facilitating.

But anyway...let me set the scene: She's probably about 50 years older than me. But in my dream she came to the workshop to heckle me. So when I asked the group to take a form and pass the stack down, she yelled NOOOOOO. When I asked her to calm down, she yelled NOOOO. It became really intense when I began to actually teach the class. She started shouting lies out to the class about me.  These particular statements,  that if were true,  contradicted what I was teaching and made me appear hypocritical. (See I'm a firm believer that you must be the evidence of anything that you teach. For example: broke people shouldn't be financial advisors, depressed people shouldn't be motivational speakers and so on...) So once again she flustered me and I shot back an insult which mildly disregarded her senior citizenship. Immediately my dream flashed to me no longer being at the front of the room as a facilitator but sitting in the audience on the row with her. I was reduced in that instance because of my response to her. And I knew it too.

As I lay in my bed awake and perturbed, I realize that this was a revelation for me.
See in real life, this woman gets underneath my skin constantly.  I have used up so much energy focusing on her and what my dream was really telling me is that this issue I have REALLY HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH HER.  She has no authority over me.  She has no power over me.  She does not have the ability to dictate my future or limit my blessings...but I do. 

So, I'm not sure when our next confrontation will be, but I'm sure this dream was a reminder to me that I need to remain in my position mentally and emotionally. I note that the entire time she was heckling me in this dream and I maintained my composure, I also maintained my position. As soon as I responded...I demoted myself.

It goes to the point that others have very little influence on where we are or what we will have in life until we respond.

Bottom line is that our blessings are not contingent upon how others treat us but they are all WRAPPED up in how we treat others.

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