Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Great Do-Over: It's My Birthday!

Most of my acquaintances know that last year I somehow got all mixed up and thought that I was turning 36 when I was in fact turning 35.  Finding out that I was wrong was a true blessing because the first 35th year was a hard one and therefore I vowed to make the most out of this second chance at 35. 
This year presented its challenges but they all led me to personal growth and development.  The themes that were reoccurring were:  LETTING GO, SAYING GOODBYE, and BEING FREE. This year was a true process of elimination.  I asked God to remove things that were no longer beneficial. I asked God to show me the "busy" things vs the "purposed" things and to help me adjust accordingly.  Let me tell you...don't ask for what you are not prepared to accept because He will answer.  I learned several things this year.  I learned that a strength in love is the ability to walk away from something or someone when you're no longer benefitting it or them. I learned not to be a distraction to progress, even if I don't agree with the direction of the progress. I learned that there is in fact power in saying goodbye because although it may hurt, there is significant peace on the other side. 

This year I began to recognize the seasons that had ended in my life that I was still dwelling in.  Even when God has Purposed you in a place the situation can be hard.  But I found that He covers you from the brunt of the attacks, hurts, and challenges so that you can accomplish His will as long as His will is for you to be there.  However,  when He says move you gotta move because He has already moved to the next place that He has prepared and taken that shield with Him.  If you stay you will feel the impact of all of the things that He was covering you from and IT HURTS.  So I learned to just be obedient. 

This year...just recently...I said that it seems that doing good and wanting to do what is right seems to always lose because some people are willing to do anything to "win"...but God said, "Don't be weary in well doing for you shall reap a harvest if you don't give up." So I immediately thought it meant that I could continue in a situation that I loved..and He said uh...no!  (She tried it!) So I'm letting go, being obedient, and trusting Him totally.  The amazing thing is that I feel free and I'm at peace about every decision..even if some made me sad. 

This year taught me that trusting in God means that I won't always have a plan... I won't always understand what's happening...and I won't always agree with the process...BUT obedience is rewarded every time.

Those who know the changes that I have gone through are probably a little nervous for me.  You may be looking at my journey and saying that this has been a hard year for me. I get it..things have been stripped from me that have been apart of who I am to the point that I really don't know who I am without them. But start rejoicing because this journey was about me becoming the girl God has ordained me to be and I can't wait to get to know her!

 So I don't know what God has in store for me in this 36th year but after all of the pruning, stripping, and deleting that has occurred this year...I have PLENTY of room for it! HELLO  36...Let's Get It!! 

Friday, December 5, 2014

But what did I do THIS time, Father?!

Often times we get in the way of our own blessings and breakthroughs. We often try to figure out how we can have our hearts desires and still be in God's will. This morning I woke up to "So, because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth." This seemed a little harsh at first but like any good parent, God explained to me why I was being chastised. I'm not a hypocrite...sometimes I'm too real about my journey, but I have not released everything to God. I still try to hold on to things that could lead to destruction, I still watch and glorify some things that are not pleasing to Him, and I still engage in some things that don't give Him any glory. So while He spoke to me, He cautioned me to pray that "His will be my will and that anything that grieves Him become adverse to my desire." Whew...really God? Then just when I was feeling dejected He reminded me of my favorite scripture Jeremiah 29:11 and gave me a task. He showed me that I have too much work to do to get side tracked by small things or distracted by temporary pleasures. He showed me that some of my decisions (although not bad, malicious, or intentionally sinful) can create extra bumps and hurdles in carrying out His plan for me. Well...thank you, Father because I surely don't want EXTRA difficulties! 
So today I walk in obedience and submission because I understand that God knows my future and He's clearing the path towards it. I may not understand it all the time but I also don't want to hurt my greater that is coming. I'm not trying to risk my favor or my covering by engaging in things that are not pleasing to Him. It's just not worth it. Sometimes we see things of the present harmless but God sees into the future and knows better. This life can be tricky so I rather take guidance from someone who has infinite insight into my days. 
Today I encourage you to seek God's face in all that you do. Make sure that you are led and that He has purposed "it" for you!